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We clean most garments that until now were considered “dry clean only”


  • 100% Wet Cleaning Specialists
  • All new state of the art energy-efficient equipment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, EPA, OSHA and AQMD supported technology
  • A combination of special soaps, conditioners and degreasers
  • NO dry cleaning solvents, toxic fumes or waste treatment problems
  • Cleaning & Laundry Services for all Apparel & Household Needs
  • Suits, dresses, shirts, pants, sweaters...
  • Wedding gowns, leather, suede, drapes, quilts, other specialty items
  • Clean and press using state of the art facilities on premises


Our Method


  • Your articles checked in item by item in front of you
  • Receipt given with your total expected pricing
  • Thorough and complete inspection process
  • Each item inspected for stains, holes, marks and blemishes
  • All articles tagged in specific areas as to never cause damage
  • Immediate notification if an issue is discovered—we proceed only with your permission.
  • All loose buttons sewn on as a complimentary service
  • “Spotting process”—experienced spotters will identify all treatable stains and use a combination of appropriate equipment, supplies and techniques to eliminate them
  • Articles sorted and washed, each type using appropriate soaps, conditioners and degreasers
  • State of the art washers combine ‘gentle as hand-washing’ treatment with the efficiency of professional cleaning
  • State of the art energy efficient dryers and presses
  • Items inspected and reviewed to meet and exceed stringent standards
  • Your order treated with special clips, boards, collars, or tissue paper as needed to retain finished form, then bagged for pickup/delivery
  • Customers have the option to be notified by phone, email, or text message when their items are complete and ready for pickup
  • When picking up at Portside Cleaners, curbside assistance and carryout are standard
  • Free pickup and drop off (inquire about restrictions)
  • 24 hr drop box service for your convenience

680 S. Centre Street – San Pedro, CA 90731 – 305.547.5050 Map
28719 S. Western Avenue – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 – 305.547.5050 Map
3300 Overland Avenue – Los Angeles, CA 90034 – 305.547.5050 Map