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It's a great day to be enjoying life!

Why spend it doing laundry?

Simplify your life.
We'll wash, fluff & fold for you.

Only $1.49/pound

Your time is limited. There are things you want to spend time on–family, hobbies, sports. Why waste your day slaving over a washer and dryer when Portside Cleaners can do your laundry for you?

We have new state-of-the-art machines, and use powerful but gentle environmentally friendly soaps. Even more importantly, we have experienced staff who know everything there is to know about making clothes look like new, and removing stains you thought were permanent.

After we clean your clothes we carefully sort, fold, and bag them, so they're ready to be put away. Laundry will take minutes instead of hours! We'll even help you carry everything out to the car. You will look your best and have more time to do the important things.

We can perform expert alterations and repairs. We can take in or let out for a just-right fit. Are the seams fraying on the quilt your grandmother made? We'll have it looking so good that even she won't notice the new stitching.

We're Portside Cleaners, San Pedro's newest and best cleaning specialists. We'll help you have the time to get out and enjoy all this great city has to offer... and we'll make sure you look great while you're doing it!


680 S. Centre Street – San Pedro, CA 90731 – 305.547.5050 Map
28719 S. Western Avenue – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 – 305.547.5050 Map
3300 Overland Avenue – Los Angeles, CA 90034 – 305.547.5050 Map