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Bryan, Adin, and Sean Gardenswartz were born in San Pedro and raised in an environment of family-owned businesses – their parents owned a local store and their father was a local flooring contractor. After all the brothers finished their schooling in San Pedro, all went into different endeavors that involved multiple management positions. While they learned their trade working for others in businesses as diverse as restaurant management, youth sports team management, and shipping line administration, they dreamed of putting together an enterprise of their own.

Now, with the pride of ownership that San Pedro has always been known for, the Gardenswartz brothers have opened their first business in the town they still call home. Portside Cleaners has opened in a new development that has helped remake downtown San Pedro, and will bring back quality & pride while giving employing opportunities to local people. We are bringing together the tradition of local business and modern ideas about a sustainable way of life, with Portside Cleaners leading the pack by having an environmentally safe business that will deliver top- quality cleaning. The Gardenswartz brothers future success with Portside Cleaners will not be for the family solely, as we plan to give back a portion of our sales to various local charities within our community.


680 S. Centre Street – San Pedro, CA 90731 – 305.547.5050 Map
28719 S. Western Avenue – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 – 305.547.5050 Map
3300 Overland Avenue – Los Angeles, CA 90034 – 305.547.5050 Map